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Questioning the Nature of Reality Through Virtual Reality

Masters Thesis


Motion Capture

 Blueprints in Unreal Engine

Custom 3D Models

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Study of Self

"an approach to research and writing that seeks to describe and systematically analyze personal experience in order to understand cultural experience." SRC

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Portals of Perception delves into the fundamental question of what constitutes reality by utilizing virtual reality technology. Each level explores and addresses thought-provoking questions about the roles of mindfulness, religion, and society in shaping culture, civilization, and the human experience. POP not only questions the nature of reality but also offers a profound understanding of the potential of virtual reality technology in facilitating an immersive exploration of complex philosophical concepts.


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Dear Society



The Mindfulness level depicts a surreal, dreamlike environment, starting in a deep purple-lit cave where the shadow of a skeleton is projected on the wall. The allegory of the cave from Plato's philosophy is referenced, which prompts philosophical discussions about the limitations of our perceptions and beliefs. Various elements are used to explore the mind-body-soul connection, including a giant skeleton holding orbs of energy, a breathing exercise, and a wall of yoga poses. At the end of the user's journey, they are invited to participate in a mindfulness meditation, taking them on a journey through colorful kaleidoscopes and ending at a peaceful river for relaxation and introspection. 



The Religion level aims to highlight some of the negative aspects of Monotheistic/Trinitarian religion. There is much to be said about the beauty and oneness that arises from the celebration of a singular higher power, but there is also the tendency of organized religion to hinder and deceive society instead of fostering progress. This level questions why there are conditions on a supposedly unconditional love, why is God gendered, why must we seek external validation, and whether loving God is a choice when the supposed alternative is an eternity in hell. Religion has played a significant role in shaping societies, with cultures often basing their identity and self-worth around their belief systems and traditions. However, this has resulted in the imposition of conditions on our inherent connection with a divine power. These conditions have limited our ability to connect with the divine in a free and authentic way, hindering our spiritual growth and understanding of the world around us.



Dear Society is my open letter to the world, visualized through an abstract minimalist art gallery. Each section of the experience is divided into different sections with its own intended subject matter. Topics like power, pollution, beauty standards, the education system, and substance use and abuse are artistically visualized through 3D models, 2D graphics, and particle systems. The gallery is open for interpretation and invites the user to contemplate societal systems and their role in them. 

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💡Using depth render pass to simulate non-euclidean geometry

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