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Lucid Dreams

Prompt: Create an lucid dream-like environment 


lucid dream inspo boards.png



The first step in my ideation process for this project was to head to Pinterest and search for Lucid Dream inspiration. I fell in love with the Romanesque cloud concept pictured above and knew that was the direction I wanted to take my project.

I started with an already existing Unreal Engine example map called "Sun Temple" and included some of its buildings as the base for my project.


Then, I really just started to play around! I changed the materials on various assets, altered the color scheme, flipped rooms upside down, changed the sky to a water material, and added large rocks and clouds.


I wanted to make a room that was entirely my own, so I 3D modeled the final island room using Maya

Screenshot 2022-05-23 170930.png

To solidify the idea that this environment is out of a dream I knew I wanted my opening scene to be focused on a bed. I went into Gravity Sketch VR and made my own custom headboard. I then modeled a bed, blanket and pillows in Maya. Finally, I brought the bed into Substance 
Painter for some texturing and then into Unreal for the final look!

Screenshot 2022-05-23 170950.png

Overall, the entire process of this Lucid Dream creation was one that was playful and imaginative. I frequently moved around assets to decide the emotions I wished to convey with each island. With the addition of each island/scene came a greater complexity to the environment that ultimately to the overall flow of the space.  

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